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Published on February 24, 2007 By Sugar High Elf In Dating
I am sad. So sad. I have had my heart broken.

I don't get to watch House M.D. for THREE WEEKS! Why would they do this to me? I need my House! I'm addicted to him like he's addicted to those pills.

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now!

Seriously, the old man has let me down. I'm not sure if he's interested or not. I'm trying not to be a princess. I don't expect him to call every day. I really don't. However, he said he would call, and he didn't. He stil hasn't for that matter. He does message me (usually on Sundays) to apologize for not calling, and he promises to call soon.

I don't know if I even care at this point. I'm a busy girl, and I don't have time to wait around for some guy to call. Too bad though. He was such a great nerd.

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