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what would you ask?
Published on March 21, 2007 By Sugar High Elf In Philosophy
I've been interviewing GA candidates for the past week, and there is one question that I have found particularly interesting. It reads, "You only have enough time to get to know a group of people. You can only ask them one question. What would you ask, and why?"

Some of the answers weren't too special, but there were two that stood out to me. The first was unique and interesting. She asked, "What kind of music do you listen to that you don't let anyone, including your friends, know about?" She thought this would allow people to drop the masks they wear in their day to day lives.

The second question was somewhat generic, but it still stood out. "What is your personal philosophy?"

So, I thought I would ask the people at JU:

"What kind of music do you listen to that you don't let anyone, including your friends, know about?"

"What is your personal philosophy?"


"If you could only ask one question, what would you ask?"

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on Mar 21, 2007
And I'm a dummy and didn't answer my own questions!

1. I secretly listen to Top 40 stuff. My friends are music snobs, so I'm supposed to listen to underground stuff, but I secretly love Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, and Rob Thomas.

2. I have two personal philosophies: "Life is growth, growth is change, change is chaos" It's from the Shadow Series by George Lucas and Chris Claremont (sequels to Willow) and "Life isn't worth living if you can't believe in dragons." which is all me.

3. "What do you read?" Books are so important to me, that's what I want to know about people. Not original, but something that's important to me.
on Mar 21, 2007
Please explain what is a GA candidate?
on Mar 21, 2007
1.) I have no musical secrets. I'm not ashamed that I enjoy all genres except maybe classical opera. I think it infuriates my kids that I enjoy all the music that they enjoy.  

2.) Be grateful. Treasure the day, everyone and everything in it. In looking for the good in the world, there is always fulfillment and purpose.

3.) "How are you different today than you were a year ago?" If life is a journey, where are you going?
on Mar 21, 2007
"What kind of music do you listen to that you don't let anyone, including your friends, know about?"

I don't have any 'secret' music. I am an open book when it comes to my friends.

What is your personal philosophy?

I have a couple of simple personal philosophies. The first comes courtesy of my father: everything happens for a reason. The second comes from my belief in karma: you get what you give. Pretty simple, I know but they work for me.

If you could only ask one question, what would you ask?

"Where's the bathroom?"

But seriously, this is a tough one. A question is only as good as the answer provided. The question I would probably ask would be: what is your favourite music? Pretty simple, I know, but very important to me.
on Mar 21, 2007
I don't have any 'secret' music. I am an open book when it comes to my friends.


#2: Simple. Your actions are reflected back unto you. Make sure you like what you are going to get.
on Mar 21, 2007
My one question:

Elaborate on "42" and its cosmic significance.

I believe I could tell a lot about a person through that one question alone.
on Mar 21, 2007
My friends generally know my musical tastes. They're so eclectic that I can't say I hide much.

My closest friends would know that I am absolutely addicted to Van Morrison and Natalie Merchant, though. Get much outside of my circle and that wouldn't be widely known.

My personal philosophy is to live life with no regrets.
on Mar 21, 2007
A GA candidate is someone who wants to be a graduate student in the student affairs program as a Resident Coordinator or a specialty GA.
on Mar 21, 2007
I once listened to a rap song all the way through.

Stay low and don't bunch up.

and...what was the question?
on Mar 21, 2007
1) People know that as long as its not country, I listen to it.

2) Set standards for yourself that are higher than everybody else's.

3) The question that my World History teacher asked me on the first day of my freshman year in high school: Justify your existence in the universe.

You can tell a lot about a person, not only based on how they answer, but on whether or not they are quick enough to answer at all.
on Mar 21, 2007
I don't have any 'secret' music. I am an open book when it comes to my friends.

A) I was going to answer the same, however, it's not the music I listen to that's secret, it's what I do when I'm listening to it that is!

"Never assume."

C) Do you give money to pan handlers?

The original question you quoted from the GA questionaire also asked why you would ask that question. I let my question stand on it's own.
on Mar 21, 2007
I would ask the question about "42" not because of my geekiness (although that's certainly part of it), but because it would be an entirely unexpected question and the response would say much about the individual's adaptibility. If they answered the question hastily in a manner that indicated they really didn't understand the question, it would show that they are impulsive people pleasers who really aren't reliable leaders because they say what people want to hear. If they thought about the question and didn't have an answer, because they were unfamiliar with the Hitchhiker's books, it would show that they are honest and even willing to risk failure by admitting to something they didn't know. Now, if they know the reference, the way they answered the question would tell me much about their life philosophy, their outlook, and what is really important. And if they dismissed it as a dumb question, then they're really not worth my time. If you can't take an interviewer seriously, what CAN you take seriously?

Does that make any sense at all?
on Mar 21, 2007
I'm quite varied in my music taste as well, although recently my oldest daugter found out her younger sister and I enjoy listening to a few country songs! It was like nails on a blackboard to her because it wasn't the trendy stuff she listens to!lol!

My personal philosophy - it changes with my age!! There are several, "Happiness is a journey, not a destination" just like life really and one that has become more prominent with me is letting go and let the dominoes fall where they may!

I don't know about the asking one question part. I usually ask way too many!! What? You don't believe me?
on Mar 21, 2007
1. I listen to pretty much everything...and I don't really keep any of them secret.
2. My personal philosophy is in all practicality: "Hakuna Matata" worries for me, I try to be laid back as much as I can...which explains my chronic procrastination.
3. My question would be: How do you see the world? I figure you can easily get into someone's mind with that one.

Well, there ya go.

on Mar 21, 2007
Come on people! You have to have at least ONE song you don't admit to listening to! Banana Boat? Hollaback Girl? Michael Jackson? Achy Breaky Heart? I'm so disappointed in you all.



I really love the personal philosophies.
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