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Harry Potter!
Published on April 15, 2007 By Sugar High Elf In Books
This is my 100th article, and I nothing would be more appropriate than a Harry Potter tribute. Well, perhaps a Lord of the Rings tribute... but let's face it, Tolkien's not writing any more books these days, and Rowling is!

This summer is going to be an exciting one for Harry Potter fans. The fifth movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is set to release in theaters July 13 and the last book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released July 21.

I must say, I have never looked forward to buying a book in my entire life. All of my theories, all of my suppositions will finally be confirmed or proved false with this book. So many questions answered... and my thesis will finally be completed. (Yeah, I know. Technically it's done, but that doesn't mean I've stopped working on it) And, of course, we will all know the biggest question of all: Will Harry live or die?

Of course, a big part of the fun is debating on what you think is going to happen next. Is Harry a horcrux? Will he die? Will he be able to kill Voldemort? If he uses an unforgivable curse on Voldemort, will he be any better than the dark lord?

I am, of course, re-reading each of the books to prepare for the final release, and watching the movies to prepare for the fifth movie's release. I actually keep these things separate in my mind, because the movies and books do not always flow so well together.

I don't know how many Pottheads JU has, but I know I can't be the only one. So, let's get the debates started!

Will Harry die?

Who else will die?

Is "RAB" Sirius' brother, Regulus?

Is the locket mentioned at Sirius' house the horcrux Dumbledore was after?

Is "love" the key?

Is Harry a Horcrux?

What are the Deathly Hallows, and where are they and why are they important?

What questions do you have?

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on Apr 15, 2007
Harry Potter, hmmm rings a bell I guess.
on Apr 15, 2007
Harry Potter, hmmm rings a bell I guess.

Please tell me you're just pulling my leg.
on Apr 15, 2007
You should check out "The Leaky Cauldron" podcast if you haven't already.

Harry as a horcrux... interesting. I'll have to reread about horcruxes. I think my Harry Potter books are in Canada, though. Hmmm... a use for used bookstore cupons?

Love is probably the key, but I'll be a bit disappointed if it is that simplistic. If it's love, I hope there is some major twist to that theme.

Will Harry die? Hunh. I have a theory. Ron will die and Harry will have to find some way to keep love in his heart and keep living instead of descending into guilt and dispair. Ok, maybe not. The idea that Harry sacrifices himself and Ron and Hermione get married and have a baby they name Harry is probably more likely.

Love to discuss Harry Potter. My husband read two pages of book one and insists that the whole thing is about people in purple cloaks. On a major Harry day, I just can't take it!
on Apr 15, 2007
When the last book came out I ran out and bought it. My son was like "Thanks for buying me that book" and I said "Sorry kid, I bought it for me but you can read it when I'm done". At least I read fast.

I don't think Harry will die. I think Harry will destroy Voldemort. And everyone will live happily ever after.

Maybe ALL the bad guys can die, Snape, Malfoy Jr. and Sr., the always horrible Dursleys. Of course, you know there are fates worse than death. Maybe J.K. will leave an open ending, you know the evil that you think is dead but it's still there. Just like the last time, they thought Voldemort was gone but he really wasn't.

All I know is that I want to be a wizard and go to Hogwarts. I want Dumbledore (and Richard Harris) to be resurrected. I absolutely need Hagrid to live. I love Hagrid.
on Apr 15, 2007
I don't have many opinions on this because.. well, the options are just too limitless. But I'll state the opinions i have that are the strongest.

A) I think Harry will die. I mean, J.K.Rowling wants this to be her last book. Do you honestly think that if she leaves him alive and an open ending that the book publishers will just leave it at that? She's made entirely too much money for too many people. Plus, what kind of life could Harry possibly hope to have after dealing with the dismay and adventure that is his life?

I don't know about the horcrux thing. Part of my analytical mind says that it is a really good twist in the possibility if he is.

C) I don't think Snape is a bad guy. After the whole "when a man murders another, part of his soul splinters and dies" speech.. what would Dumbledore do to ensure that not even ONE (Draco) student puts himself in that kind of situation. Snape and Dumbledore had many meetings that Harry nor anyone else was privy to. I don't believe Snape is Volemort's man, I believe he had specific instructions that to keep one of the students from harming himself, he was to kill Dumbledore. Besides, he'll still be around in portrait form, to give advice. And in order for Snape to remain in the good graces of Voldemort and be believable, then everyone would HAVE to believe he murdered Dumbledore.

D) Everything else.. well, I can't even begin to speculate.

Does anyone else think that maybe still Neville Longbottom has a lot more to do with this than anyone has guessed? I know, I know.. the whole "But Harry, you bear the mark" part.. I just can't help but feel that Neville has a bigger part to play.
on Apr 15, 2007
As an educator, I know this is horrible, but I just CANT get into HP. I tried reading the first book, and I even gave it my fifty page rule...and I was bored out of my skull.

I'm more of a historical fiction kind of a girl than sci-fi or fantasy though...

I guess I'm boring that way.
on Apr 16, 2007
I love harry potter! I like the idea of harry being a horcrux, that's an interesting thought. I think, as much as i don't want to, Ron and Hermione are going to die. That's the closest thing Harry has to family left. First they killed his god father, then the closest thing he had to a father figure, and now his brother and sister. And I think he'll have to fight whether he's going to be like Voldemort and let that hate consume him. I have no idea what the deathly hallows are, we'll have to wait and see!
on Apr 16, 2007
oh yeah, and with harry being a horcrux, the prophecy said that either harry or voldemort has to die, so maybe if harry is a horcrux he'll sacrifice himself to destroy voldemort. Just another thought I had.
on Apr 16, 2007
I read the first three voraciously. Unfortunately, I haven't kept up with the rest.

I guess one day I might get myself into them again.
on Apr 16, 2007

A) I think Harry will die. I mean, J.K.Rowling wants this to be her last book. Do you honestly think that if she leaves him alive and an open ending that the book publishers will just leave it at that?

Actually, yes I do.  For 2 reasons.  One is ego.  She may want it to be over, but then fame is addictive, so she may want to write number 8 in a few years.  And 2 is, if he was going to die, it would have leaked by now. 

But please, dont anyone buy stocks on my advice either!  Just a guess.

on Apr 16, 2007
Harry as a horcrux: It does make sense for him to be a horcrux. If a horcrux is something that holds part of Voldemort's soul, then Harry should be one. After all, Harry speaks Parsletounge becuase Voldemort does. Harry has some of Voldemort's powers because they were transfered into him. He also has special sight into Voldemort, which means it would also make sense. However, if part of Voldemort's soul was in Harry, shouldn't Voldemort have been able to touch Harry? or is love that much more powerful than a part of someone's soul?

I also think it's too obvious. She's fooled me plenty of times -- misdirection is all over these books. However, she also makes some things painfully obvious (Like Remus Lupin. The name just screams werewolf, yet I didn't get it for a while. I felt like an idiot!) I can't decide if it's obvious because it's true, or if it is obvious because she's misleading me.

I can see Harry dying as well. If "love conquers all" then Voldemort can only be killed by a sacrifice of some sort -- just as he was before. If Harry uses the killing curse, that will splinter part of his soul. I don't think he can do it. Sure, he's tried to, but he hasn't been able to. However, if a great sacrifice is called for, then I can see Harry sacrificing himself to save others.

Also, a little known, interesting fact. In old Chinese lore, there is a general called Running Weasel who was very good at chess and was killed by a yellow rat. Now, I haven't been able to find any proof of this legend, but if it is true, Ron could be killed by Peter Pettigrew. It would make sense... but lord I hope not. If Ron has to die, I don't want Wormtail doing it. That would be too wrong.

Also, what's up with the mirror? You know the one -- the one Sirius gave Harry in book 5, but Harry didn't open the package until the end of the book. Anyone else think this is going to be important later?
on Apr 16, 2007
I think Harry and Voldemort both die battling it out.  We all know they are linked and I think if one dies, the other dies too.
on Apr 16, 2007
Harry potter... was he not the col. on M.A.S.H. THE TV SERIES?
on Apr 16, 2007
Harry potter... was he not the col. on M.A.S.H. THE TV SERIES?

If you were a true M*A*S*H fan, you would know his name is Sherman T. Potter.

I'm rolling my eyes while laughing.
on Apr 16, 2007
Sherman T. Potter.

Dont forget the "swoop" in the T.
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