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Published on June 15, 2007 By Sugar High Elf In Diet
After the groovy advice of my fellow JUsers, I decided to have a little chat with my roommate. I told her that it made me uncomfortable when people commented on my weight... even if they were complementing me. I didn't say anything about her doing, just people in general, but I'm sure she got the hint. Then, I mentioned that I didn't appreciate her commenting on my food choices. I managed to say it in a nice, non-accusatory way and she said she completely understood.

Then, as she was dressed to go for a run, I asked if she was heading out. "I don't know. I'm kinda tired." she said, "I may just stay in."

"Oh, come on. I'll go with you." I said. She stretched as I hunted for my shoe and then we headed out. She started running one way, and I started walking the opposite down the trail. Then, I don't know why, but I started running. I suddenly felt like it. So, I ran, and ran, and ran. (No Forest Gump jokes, please)

My roommate was headed my way and saw that I was running, turned around and ran with me. Then, when I couldn't run anymore, we walked to the other end of the trail. We decided that wasn't enough, and turned around to do it again. This time, we started running at the beginning of the trail, and didn't stop until we hit the end. She kept my pace even, and we were able to chat a bit while we ran. At the last ten feet or so, I thought my sides were going to explode, but I made it. It felt amazing. We walked the rest of the way back and to home.

She thanked me for getting her out and not letting her be lazy. Maybe, together, we can help each other out without trying those "guilt tactics" she was trying before.

I plan to go running again tonight.

on Jun 15, 2007
From one runner to's a great stress release. Anytime I get angry or hurt or depressed or whatever running sure helps my outlook releasing a bunch of bad toxins. I can't even count how many runs I left on in a bad mood and came back all relaxed and in good form both spiritually and emotionally not to mention the obvious...physically. It's a win win.

The hardest part really? It's just getting out the door. Once out you are always glad you ran and you can definitely help each other in that regard. Some days you won't feel like it and some days she won't.

Good Luck
on Jun 15, 2007
Running is good for you, I've heard. Never done so myself. Glad you had a good time with it. I think it's the sides-aching part that turns me off to it.
on Jun 16, 2007

I miss running.  My knees don't tho.  Heh.

Seriously, it sounds like you are more than willing to meet your room mate half way in the "lets be friends and try new things" episode of college life.  Does that sound jaded?  I don't mean it too...just remember, whether you end up being a runner or not, you still rock.


on Jun 18, 2007
You just can't set up a joke like that and then say, "No Forest Gump jokes please." That simply isn't fair!
on Jun 19, 2007

You just can't set up a joke like that and then say, "No Forest Gump jokes please." That simply isn't fair!

I agree!  Elves unfair!

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