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Since I moved, I decided to get back on the online dating sites. I had taken myself off of them last February, since I didn't really have time (and I thought I had possibly met someone). Now, I have free time and no one in my life, so I thought I would try again.

So far I've gotten winks and messages from men who are too old, too far away or a severe dislike of grammar and punctuation. Obviously, they're not reading my profile. Such a shame, really.

My father's suggested I join some hiking / kayaking groups so I can meet a "real man" instead of a yuppie guy. When I mentioned I had found an indoor rock climbing class, he suggested I look for a rock climbing Christian guy named Peter. Get it? A guy named Peter who climbs rocks... yeah, my dad has a strange sense of humor.

Well, I'll keep you posted.

on Jun 18, 2007
Good luck with the online hunt. You're braver than I; no way you'd get me to put a profile on one o' dems.
on Jun 18, 2007
Good luck with the online hunt

Ditto. here's to hoping SHE finds a HE.   
on Jun 18, 2007
Good luck. I know I found my wife online, but not through a dating site. She wasn't my wife then, of course.
on Jun 18, 2007

She wasn't my wife then, of course.

Lucky for you, or she would have killed you for looking

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