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Published on June 23, 2007 By Sugar High Elf In Books
This isn't so much a book review as it is a review of a series of books. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher tells the stories of the only wizard you'll find in the yellow pages. Harry Dresden, the detective wizard, works with Chicago Police head of Special Investigations Lt. Murphy. Together, they fight vampires, werewolves, creatures of Faerie and demons. Harry also has to deal with the White Council -- the governing body of wizards who do not trust Harry because he has a bit of a history with dark magic. However, Harry is not evil and does all he can to protect those in need by using his special powers.

Now, Harry isn't just a wizard, but is also a sexy, witty and somewhat moody man. It's like Harry Potter for adults -- Harry Potter mixed with a noir detective on the dark streets of Chicago.

No books I have read in recent memory have made me laugh this much. My roommate and friends make fun of me for giggling under my breath or, for that matter, laughing out loud. Lines like, "You stay here, get some rest. And, if a big furry monster comes in and sits on your chest, that's my cat." said after a demon attack made me giggle and his ability to look death in the face with a grim smirk makes me laugh. There's also an disembodied spirit of intelligence who is... well, let's just say he's a very horny spirit who gets paid in romance novels.

If you like detective/mystery books, or if you like fantasy books, then I would recommend the Dresden Files to you.

You can also watch SciFi's "The Dresden Files" and get some kind of idea what the books are like. However, please keep in mind that the tv show is quite a bit different from the books, and is not, in my opinion, quite as good, but is still very enjoyable. Paul Blackthorne does a great job as Harry, and though it isn't as good as the books, by the end of the season it was showing great promise. If SciFi brings it back for a second season, I think it will be amazing.

Happy Reading!

on Jun 25, 2007
I've read the entire series (and even gotten my son hooked on 'em now). I love it. I like the snarkiness, the tension that he's under, and the fact that he's still entirely human while still being extrahuman. I mean, you gotta admire a guy who keeps his cool while investigating accidents on a porno set.

The inner monologue style of writing does remind me of some of the detective stories that I've read from the 50's.

I agree that the T.V. series isn't as good as the books. I think it's because you lose a lot of the inner dialogue that Harry has, so you miss out on a lot of how he thinks and what that reveals about his character. I like what they've done w/ Bob, though. That actor (and for the life of me can't remember) does an awesome job. I also think the actress they got to play Bianca ... fits.
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